How Does Your Supplier Rate?

Title Nikki Big-International Online US Dealer
Company Status
Has offices, Inventory & Staff(Not 1-Man Show or Drop Shipper)
Stock 80% of Items in Canada(Has Same/Next Day Shipping)
Single Vendor Capable (Full Product Line & Support, including X-Ray)
Canadian Vs. USA Supply & Service
Local Service & Support Technicinas (No "Technician Fly in Costs and Delays")
Canadian Warrranty (No Ugly Cross-Border Nightmares!)
Canadian Service Deopt (for All Products Sold)
Shipping & Customs
No unknown Fees for Shipping or Customs Brokerage
Pick any shipping company you want (Some Force Expensive ones!)
Service & Support
Next Day Support Guarantee
Maintenance & Service Agreements on 100% of Products Sold
Loaner Equipment Available (Avoid Costly Downtime)